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White Picket Fence Batch #1

White Picket Fence Batch #1

500ml bottle 5.6% abv
Bellwoods Brewery


A symbol synonymous with Bellwoods Brewery; our White Picket Fence has undergone a complete overhaul and its re-envisioned form much better reflects the direction of our brewery. This foeder fermented saison is the result of a unique blending regimen, before being gently dry-hopped and bottle conditioned. Labour intensive in process, but rewarding in result.

Bottle Conditioned

What it smells and tastes like: A complex, layered beer with perfect champagne-like carbonation to carry the lemon meringue aromatics, bright hop character, and rich brett notes. Refined and balanced acidity with lots of complimentary citrus.

Available for in store pick up only.

Unpasteurized - Keep refrigerated..


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