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355ml, 5%
Godspeed Brewery

One cannot truly understand the depth of Czech Brewing philosophy until they have made the trip to the country and learned from the greatest beers and beer personalities of the Czech Republic.

Back in November 2018, Our brewmaster was selected to be part of a Czech Republic Trade Mission hosted by the Czech American Embassy and Canadian Consulate Economic & Trade Sections. This trip was such a revelation and became a North Star for how we go about brewing.

Světlý Ležák 12º Czech Premium Pale Lager was the first of many Czech-style lagers we’ve produced at Godspeed. It’s our love letter to the Czech people and the starting line of our never-ending efforts of brewing Czech-styles with distinction.

Our pale lager features exquisite Saaz hops and Czech floor-malted barley. A double decoction mash offers distinct malt depth to the finished beer while an extended cold maturation and natural carbonation leads to a clean lager fermentation profile. Notes of fresh cut grass, peppery spice, and oven loaf pervade with a balanced, bitter finish.


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