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Phanta w/ Thiolized Yeast

Phanta w/ Thiolized Yeast

Badlands x SuperFlux 

A two part, experimental beer made in collaboration with our friends from Superflux!

The base beer for part 1 and 2 are the exact same wort stream out of the kettle, split into two different fermenters. We made a nice ol hazy IPA base, added some Saaz in the mash (as per recommendation), a whole heap of thiol rich Phantasm and whirlpooled with hops that are also rich in thiols.

We dry hopped both parts of the collab at the exact same rate with Galaxy, Nectaron and Citra.

This half of the collab was fermented with thiolized yeast, meaning a yeast that is capable of releasing and amplifying thiols (i.e. delicious fruity aromatic yum aromas)

Be sure to check out both parts of the collab and see how different they are!


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