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Lando Batch AE

Lando Batch AE

375ml bottle 5.4% abv
Short Finger Brewing Co.

Barrel Aged Sour Saison

This here is straight-up Lando blend. For those of you who don’t know, “A” denotes a neutral oak blend (no barrel characteristic, fruit, or extra hop additions), while the “E” indicates that this is the 5th of the neutral batches. Released March 30, 2022 This batch is the 20th iteration of Lando - notes stone fruit, lemon rind, under ripe cherries and  sour peaches. 70% of the blend spent 2 years in two different 3rd use American white wine barrels. 30% of the blend is fresh Lando that spent 3 months in stainless. Conditioning in bottle July 2021. Expected Shelf life June, 2051.

Available for in store pick up only.

Unpasteurized - Keep refrigerated.


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