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355ml can 4.9% abv
Godspeed Brewery

There are few beer drinking experiences that approach perfection like the one possible at Mahrs Bräu in Bamberg, Germany. Order half-litres of "aU" beer from its historic schenke, repose in its picturesque beer garden and have a drink: you're bound to be enamoured by one of the world's most satisfying lagers. It is with these memories in mind that we brewed Ikinuki 息抜き (meaning: to breathe), Godspeed's interpretation of a Bamberger Ungespundetes Kellerbier. It pours a dazzling unfiltered golden-bronze colour with a dense, billowy white cap of foam. Our kellerbier underscores a pleasant depth of malt, with notes of fresh toasted bread crust and toffee that washes across the palate like a smooth blanket. Noble hops add a fair degree of bitterness and floral character to the beer before it finishes with a faint whisper of smoke— this is a nod to the epicentre of beechwood smoked lager after all..

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Unpasteurized - Keep refrigerated.


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