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355ml can 9% abv
Eastbound Brewing Co.

Insubordination Double IPA is your sidekick to all your misadventures. Intense and forgiving all at once, a beverage that's a conundrum in a glass and defies a label! But we kinda sorta had to put a label on it... Because we wanted to sell it and stuff...

Aggressively hopped with a list of heavy hitters. El Dorado, Galaxy, Idaho 7 and Enigma hops make up the roster. Blended in the whirlpool as well as in a heavy double dry hop for maximum flavour and aroma.

Fast on approach but with a slow and easy finish! This mischievous little guy might make you dare I say... Insubordinate!

Smells & Tastes Like: Dank Forest, melon, deep dark tropical notes, trouble
Food Pairing: Red curry, Braised Lamb & Aged Cheddar

Available for in store pick up only.

Unpasteurized - Keep refrigerated.


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