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473ML, 7%


Sour IPA w/ Pink Guava, Pomegranate, and Vanilla

Fizzy Blaster is a sensory firework conveniently contained within a can. This Sour IPA receives a generous measure of fruit purée — pink guava and pomegranate — so that bright, tropical aromatics and juicy hop characteristics share the spotlight with a resolutely tart kick.  Round it out with a subtle dose of vanilla and — boom — you’ve got yourself an escapade to highly flavourful realms.

This *special* edition was developed in collaboration with the esteemed custard based ice cream makers, Ruru Baked. We worked together to select a flavour combo we loved and knew would shine in both ice cream and beer alike. 

Whether your preferred vessel is a bubbly fermented beverage or a creamy icy treat (or both!), this tart and tropical flavour duo really sings. Slightly sweet! Touch of vanilla! Yum.

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