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473ml can 6.5% abv
Badlands Brewing

The very first beer we ever canned, appropriately named C.A.N. Why did we name it that? Great question!

  1. For the lulz

  2. Because we dry hopped it with (C)itra, (A)zacca, and (N)elson Sauvin hops

We also thought it would be mad classy to make the label essentially the exact same as the first image we ever released of it (full disclosure: we didn’t have the label in yet for that announcement, so we wrote the name on the can… and apparently we like it enough to make it permanent!)

It’s been a year of brewing on the new system, and we feel our beer has come a very, very long way. That first brew didn’t taste exactly the way we wanted, this brew, however, does. We hope you love it!

Available for in store pick up only.

Unpasteurized - Keep refrigerated.


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