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Copy of TMAVÝ LEŽÁK 12º

Copy of TMAVÝ LEŽÁK 12º

355ml can 7.4% abv
Godspeed Brewery, Toronto
Czech Premium Strong Pale Lager

SILNY LEZAK 17º is a continuation of our ongoing efforts to brew beers in the Czech tradition. This particular lager was inspired by our brewmaster's visit to Budvar Brewery in the Czech city of České Budějovice. Within its maze of lagering vessels, he tried a bolder and maltier version of the pale lagers he'd grown accustomed to and decided to craft one of his own for proper winter drinking. In accordance with Czech brewing philosophy, Godspeed's version was decocted and cold conditioned for 8 weeks. Czech floor malted pils and Saaz hops form an array of rich caramelized, bready malt notes and herbal, spice hop character. We hope it inspires you the way the style's progenitor inspired us.  

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