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Motel Royalty: IPA

Motel Royalty: IPA

473ml can 6.5% abv
Town Brewery
This beer is a result of a really exciting project that we were a part of with Yakima Chief hops. We were tasked with brewing an IPA using a brand new liquid hop product called YCH 702 that is used on brew day to enhance hop flavours and increase yield. Since this 702 we received was derived from Citra (one of our favorite hops), we figured we just make this thing a love letter to Citra and dry hoppped with Citra pellets as well as Citra Cryo. Surprise, surprise it's awesome. It's likely one of the more hop saturated beers we've made in a while. It's sticky with lots of punchy citrus and some classic resinous pine. It's a wonderful beer and we're grateful to get to take part in projects like this!


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Unpasteurized - Keep refrigerated.


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