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Concrete Convertible

Concrete Convertible

473ml, 4.5%
Town Brewery x Leftfield 
Session Sour Ale 

Sour Session Ale w/ Idaho 7 and Sultana hops

So that Toronto baseball team was pretty fun this year eh? Well, we just didn't want the season to end, so we decided to put some summer in a can with our pals at Left Field Brewery.  Aggressively hopped with Idaho 7 and Sultana, but clocking in at a modest 4.5% , Concrete Convertible was fermented with the ultimate juice-making yeast (Hydra) from our buds at Escarpment Labs and it absolutely drinks like a quick glug of grapefruit/orange juice straight out of the carton (Use a glass next time, will ya?!).  Perfect for watching some season highlights, and day-dreaming about having craft beer down at the concrete convertible.  

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