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Collective Unconscious Blackberry/Blueberry

Collective Unconscious Blackberry/Blueberry

355 ml bottle 6.5% abv
Rorschach Brewing, Toronto
Mixed Fermentation Sour Saison w/ Blackberry/Blueberry

Collective Unconscious is our limited series of mixed fermentation sour saisons. Brewed with wheat, oats and rye. Fermented with our house culture of wild yeast and bacteria, and conditioned for over a year in our solera tanks. It is then re-fermented on copious amount of fresh blackberry and blueberry for many months in our burgundy wine barrels. Notes of deep red fruit, juicy blackberry, spice, barnyard funk, field berry, pepper and citrus zest. Conditioned in bottle for several months to provide an effervescent texture and high carbonation

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Unpasteurized - Keep refrigerated.


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