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Bellwoods Brewery Pack

Bellwoods Brewery Pack


*4 Barrel-Aged Bottles

*2 Bellwoods Glasses 

***Barn Owl 10- Brett Ipa w/Apricot

This series is named Barn Owl, as a nod to the wise and exacting animal that keeps watch over the farmhouse. Released sporadically throughout the year, just as soon as we deem the vessels ripe for the picking, these beers will be one-off creations never to be replicated again.

This funk jam began in stainless as a mixed fermentation with Vermont Ale yeast and Brett D from our friends at Escarpment Labs. After primary, it was transferred to a single new (to us) red wine foeder where it spent a year developing heavy pineapple and leather funk notes from the Brett, as well as some subtle oak and wine character. The whole batch then went back into stainless where it conditioned on top of 1,200kg of apricot puree, followed by a generous Mosaic & Citra dry hop. Unlike our most recent Barn Owl releases, this version is not a sour — it is heavy on brett induced funk, paired with a heavy blanket of fresh apricot skin.

***Vines - Semillon 

Vines is a series that celebrates wild beer and wine grapes, and the second 2020 release is here, made with Niagara Sémillon.

This edition is a barrel aged wild ale blend, inoculated with Chardonnay skins, and refermented with whole Sémillon grapes -- a golden-skinned grape native to the Bordeaux region. 

***Grandma - Foeder Fermented Golden Sour Ale

Grandma's Boy was one of the very first beers we aged in oak at Bellwoods, and its (almost) yearly release is one that garners much excitement. This year we decided to switch things up and share the unfruited version, in all its sour/funky/crisp glory -- and named it, simply, Grandma.

The absence of fruit allows for more subtle flavours to shine through, showcasing the perfect intersection of acid, brett, oak, and a crisp, spritzy body. 

***Farmageddon - Barrel Aged Wild Farmhouse Ale w/ Niagara Montmorency Cherries April 2018

Farmageddon is our wild farmhouse ale that we've been brewing, blending, and aging for almost as many years as we've been open. The blending process allows us to maintain a common thread across batches, the aging adds nuanced layers, while the brett and bacteria work hard to create small idiosyncrasies in each release. It's a refined, effervescent, and delicious beer worthy of special occasions and idle weeknights.

And every so often we decide to age a batch with Montmorency cherries from Niagara because sometimes the cliche "with a cherry on top" is both figurative and literal. Not to mention, delicious.


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