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Bar Nuts $5.5

Hand Cut Fries $5.5

Smoked Duck Fat Popcorn $5.5
maple sugar & espelette pepper

House Ferments $9

Fried Chicken Sandwich $16
coleslaw, smoked cheddar, spicy mayo

Falafel Sandwich $15
lettuce, lime pickle yoghurt, marinated cucumber, pickled cabbage

Schnitzel Dinner $18
mashed potato, house sauerkraut, mustard gravy

Marinated Olives $7.5
chile, onion garlic + thyme

Soup Maple Parsnip $8
vegan / GF - Cup $5 / Bowl

Cheese Board $14
with preserve + crackers

Fired Brussels Sprouts $14
turnip whip and beet chips

Cheeseburger $17
house-ground patty, cheddar single, pickle, onion, lettuce, mac sauce

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites $13
with house ranch

Features for Saturday February 27th

Braised Venison & Mushroom Arancini $13
caraway ailoi, pickled mushroom

Smoked Chicken Mac N' Cheese $17
roasted peppers, corn & pickled jalapeno

Jerked Chicken Wings $15
cilantro lime crema

Double Bacon Gnocchi $20
smoked egg emulsion, pecorino

Pulled Pork Poutine $15
paprika gravy, local cheese curds

Saskatoon Berry Cheese $8
sour beer syrup

Lake Erie Pickerel N' Chips $18
caesar slaw, celery root tarta

House Smoke Ham & Swiss Sandwich $15
maple mustard, pickled onion

Ricotta Gnudi & Meatballs $16
smoked tomato sauce, buffalo mozzerella

House Sourdough $8
with tzatziki

Sticky Toffee Pudding $8
peanut butter stout sauce,whipped cream