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       Sunday March 3 @4pm

Up Close and Personal event is coming Sunday March 3. @bellwoodsbeer is coming to @pub_milos for an afternoon of great food, beer, entertainment and fun. Stars ⭐️ of Bellwoods together with Miloš team are bringing best of their beers, perhaps even a cask one off to share with you. Taste the beers, ask questions, learn, eat some great food!

Event Info:
This is a seated event. There will be several tables with 6 - 8 persons sitting at each table. There will be at least one brewery staff at each table to engage in conversation and answer your questions. Brewer / staff at each table -(will rotate)

There will be some special beers served. Participants will have an oportunity to purchase some cellars gems from Luke's (co-founder of Bellwoods)celllar and Milos' cellar, VERYl  limited Jelly King and, of course an insane selection of all different packaged beers from Bellwoods and a little birdie tweeted about some incredible and rare Belgian beer showing up, too!

The event will include at least:
1 (one) 13oz. stein of welcome beer
6 (six) food tasting plates.
6 (six) 5oz. Beer tasters
1 (one) special beer
Every time we organize UP CLOSE & PERSONAL
WE Ask brewers to name ONE BEER THAT..... it might be the. beer that made them realize that...the one that made them go... And, of course, it's note their own product...your get the idea. So we will learn even more.

This is an interactive evening with Milos hosting the event, asking questions, describing...brewery people talking their craft, answering questions... 





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